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KSI Capital turns water into wine with $5.6 Million Loan to Agua Dulce Vineyards, LLC

Winery is first in L.A. County since prohibition

PARAMUS, NJ, January 5th, 2006 -- When you think of California wine, the words Napa and Sonoma instantly come to mind. Now the southern part of the Golden State can stake its claim to vintage perfection. Agua Dulce Vineyards, LLC, the only winery and tasting room within the Los Angeles basin, just received a $5.6 million loan from Paramus, NJ based KSI Capital. The loan is to be used for the amicable buyout of one of the partners, with the ultimate goal of replacing this loan with a federally sponsored "Farmers Mac" loan. One of the unique aspects of this loan is that along with the land, the winery's equipment and inventory represent a substantial part of the collateral.

The husband and wife team of Don MacAdam and Cathy MacAdam became partners in Agua Dulce Vineyards in 1999 by Rolex replica purchasing a 25% stake in the property from Ray Witt, the majority owner. Now in his 80's, Mr. Witt recently expressed a desire to be bought out and has agreed to sell his interest to the MacAdams. With the loan in place from KSI, they now plan to secure permanent financing after the buyout via a federally sponsored "Farmers Mac" loan, which they would not have qualified for under their current partnership arrangement. Unlike the MacAdams, Mr. Witt is not a full time resident of the property, which the principal owner must be in order to qualify.

"We had gone to several other financial institutions but none really had the savvy to move forward," said partner Cathy MacAdam. "Ultimately and to our good fortune, we were introduced to KSI through a Connecticut company called The Funding Solution, and there was definitely an instant connection between us and Henry. His was the first "real" company that was in a position to go forward with us." She added "It was great having Randy Haskin evaluate the project for us. Usually you get appraisers that for the most part have no understanding of the complexities involved, like water issues and so forth. But as a developer himself, Randy has a thorough understanding of what goes into this kind of deal. All our issues were handled < smoothly and quickly, and the experience couldn"t have been better."

"We're thrilled to be helping Cathy and Don MacAdam build on their dream at Agua Dulce," said KSI Capital's founding partner Henry Haskell. 'southern California is probably the last place you"d think of when you think about wineries. I"m sure this was the first Replica Handbags response from other lending institutions. They didn"t have an understanding of not only the history of the region but the know-how and passion that Don and Cathy have." Don MacAdam added "People just don"t realize that the grape industry in the Los Angeles region dates back to the 1800's. This area had some of the largest wineries in the world and produced some of the finest wines. But between Prohibition, the Great Depression and two world wars, grapes pretty much disappeared. Now we're proving that what's old can be new again as long as there's enough money and dedication to pull it off."

Said Cathy MacAdam, "First-time visitors are always amazed when they see us. They say ‘wow, this is just like Napa or Sonoma. I never knew you guys were here." Pretty remarkable considering this whole vineyard was overgrown farmland just a couple of years ago. Even more surprising is that we're right on the edge of the Santa Clarita Valley, just forty-five minutes from downtown Los Angeles. We're very fortunate to be in a very fortunate area. It has the same grapes, the same rolling terrain and the same general feeling that you're in a special place. But our climate here is almost perfect; something you just can"t say about Napa or even France."

Agua Dulce Vineyards is a boutique winery, with 90 acres of grapes and a sprawling Colonial-style farmhouse where the Replica watches Macadams live. In fact their house is right on the label. But this vineyard isn't just a rich couple's hobby. The Macadams have turned their passion into a serious enterprise. In an astonishingly short 5 years, they"ve produced some award-winning wines, which are distributed locally as well as to a 5,000-member on-line wine club. Their proximity to Los Angeles, and having the distinction of being the only winery in the L.A. basin, makes Agua Dulce Vineyards a wine lover's destination. The MacAdams are tapping into the roots of this valley, a place that once was one of the top wine-producing regions of the world. And with their vision it might well be poised to have a renaissance.

Agua Dulce Vineyards, LLC illustrates the broad spectrum of borrowers from across the country responding to KSI Capital's ability to make loans with incredible speed and consummate professionalism. With extensive experience in both the lending and real estate industries, KSI specializes in the unique and/or unconventional loan, paying particular attention to the specific needs and circumstances of the borrower. KSI makes loans from $1million to $70 million, with a loan commitment in a matter of days. Specializing in land development and construction, both here and abroad, KSI Capital offers a viable option to what can often be a very expensive equity partner. KSI is a leader in the private lending industry when a project is in need of fast and flexible funds.



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